Lifa Air respirators have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag

The Finnish Workers' Union has awarded Lifa Air respirators the Avainlippu logo as a proof of a product made in Finland. Lifa Air manufactures both medical face masks and respirators in Finland, and both products will be marked with the Key Flag in the future.

The key flag is a sign of Finnish work. The label can be awarded to a product made in Finland. In addition, Finnish costs must account for at least 50 percent of the product's cost value, ie the degree of domesticity. All costs for the product are taken into account in the calculation.

- With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a strong demand for the domestic manufacture of respirators and we want to serve Finnish society with stable production and high-quality products. Domesticity guarantees security of supply and ensures that healthcare and the most critical sectors receive protection. We are now prioritizing the needs of these parties. Domestic manufacturing brings work and well-being to Finland, which Avainlippu communicates well with, says Johan Brandt, CEO of Lifa Air.

Avainlippu-merkki auttaa asiakasta valitsemaan suomalaisen vaihtoehdon.

The key flag badge is very well known. According to a study by the Finnish Labor Association, virtually all business decision-makers and consumers know the Key Flag. The majority of Finns (75%) also think that the Key Flag has a positive effect on purchasing decisions.

Reetta Mentu, Marketing Manager of the Finnish Labor Union, states that the acquisition of a domestic product is perceived as a social influence and a responsible choice of values ​​that promotes Finnish competitiveness and well-being. It is a wonderful thing that respirators are made in Finland.

The key flag is a mark of origin granted for products manufactured in Finland and services produced in Finland. The key flag is carried by a total of more than 4,700 products, product groups or services.

More information:
Johan Brandt, CEO
040 544 8282

Lifa Air in brief:
Lifa Air is a Finnish technology company and a leading expert in clean air. Our position is based on our long experience in the product development and production of respirators. The quality of our products is top notch, even internationally; our products are always compliant, their certifications are up-to-date and traceable. Our product development is constantly working on new product and material innovations so that our customers will continue to receive top-quality products from us.