Privacy statement

Registry Administrator

Lifa Air Oy Ltd, Business ID 1092139-9, Vellamonkatu 30 B, Helsinki

Grounds for maintaining the register

We maintain a customer and order register for customer relationship management. Managing a customer relationship requires e.g. storing certain customer and order information in a database

Who has access to my information?

Customer data will not be disclosed to third parties. Access to the information is limited to the company's personnel as well as partners, such as logistics partners, who need the information to manage the customer relationship.

What information do we store?

We store customer information such as name and address information as well as contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers. In addition, we retain information about orders, order addresses, and ordered products for customer relationship management.

We retain data for 5 years for accounting reasons.

What rights do you have with respect to your customer information?

  • You can inquire about what information is held about you
  • You can request the deletion of the data or restrict its use
  • For example, you can revoke your consent to email advertising
  • You can prevent the use of your information in marketing
  • Please note that we cannot delete data for which we have a legal obligation to retain.

Cookies and the use of cookies in advertising

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