Take a Lifa Air ride through the air - take part in the competition and win a flight with a hot air balloon

Want to surprise your friends or family in a memorable way? Are you about to get married or do you want an unforgettable experience with your loved one? Now there’s a great alternative to that - namely the Lifa Air hot air balloon making its first flight in September.

The name Lifa Air may sometimes be confused with an airline. The name, of course, refers to Lifa’s real industry, clean air and related products and services that the company has been working on for over 30 years. The hot air balloon, on the other hand, is a much older invention, with the world’s oldest aircraft already flown in the late 18th century.

Flying with a hot air balloon, on the other hand, combines a spectacular and a bit exciting experience with a pleasant and peaceful way to move through the air, driven by the forces of nature. After all, we move the ball with the help of wind and speed. Few have traveled on a hot air balloon, although surely almost every one of us has ever seen one, thought Lifa Air. That's where the idea for the competition came from.

Lifa Air's hot air balloon flies in the Helsinki metropolitan area, where the company's mask products are manufactured. We welcome everyone to explore our products and participate in the competition, we value a total of three flights.

Take part in a competition here.