The face mask drawing competition was a huge success - a charity with MLL

In March-April, Lifa Air organized a playful drawing competition for children and young people as well as the child-minded, in which it was competed who would come up with the most fun face mask pattern. The competition was a huge success and a total of about 10,000 drawings were submitted to the competition from all over Finland!

The Corona pandemic has affected us all and changed the daily lives of many children and young people. The idea for the competition originated when information about the effects of the corona, especially on children and young people, was brought out in the media. The company began to consider whether children and young people could somehow be involved and at the same time brighten up the daily life of Finns.

A snapshot of the Corona time from childrens perspective

The drawings of the competition are a great compilation of this exceptional period and how the children have experienced the use of masks and the Corona period. “We already had a few textured masks in production, with cat and dog patterns. Masks have traditionally been monochromatic, but why not make completely unique patterns when we have the opportunity to do so as a domestic manufacturer.”, explains Juha Tamminen, Sales Director of Lifa Air.

“We had thought the competition would become popular, but no one thought we would get such a large number of proposals. The work of our jury was certainly not easy. Among them were very high quality works and touching stories. The use of colors was great and the themes were repeated e.g. nature, hobbies and of course Corona. We received help to evaluate the works from Irmeli Merimaa, who has worked extensively in the field of art. We would like to warmly thank all the students who took part in the competition and teachers who really did a great job of guiding the drawers and compiling the material for us. And also Irmeli for all the help!”, Tamminen continues.

Lifa Air to cooperate with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

There were a total of five competition groups and a winner was chosen from each group, who will be awarded a cash prize and in addition, the educational institution will receive a cash prize and 4,000 masks. In addition to the artistic implementation, the evaluation of the competition entries emphasized, in accordance with the instructions, that the elements of the drawing could be printed on mask fabric. About one million of all the winning drawings will be made for sale in the autumn. “With the awards, we want to encourage children and young people to join the arts. Each of us has talent, and it’s an awesome thing that we got a large number of participants involved. I am also pleased to say that we are cooperating with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and that from every Maskeilu mask sold is donated to MLL's work to promote the well-being of children, young people and families with children.”, says Tamminen.

Competition groups and winners:

  • Kindergartens and pre-schools: Viljami (pre-school), Kiila kindergarten (Karjaa) - Work: Happy Person
  • Primary schools: Emma (6th grade), Finnish-Russian school (Helsinki) - Work: Space
  • Secondary schools: Anni (9th grade), Sydän-Laukaa school (Laukaa) - Work: Lynx
  • High schools: Mai (1st year), Vaasa High School (Vaasa) - Work: Blob.
  • Open group: Mikael (Kuopio) - Work: Juicy