Lifa Air FFP2 Respirator Fish Type (headloop), 50pcs
Lifa Air FFP2 Respirator Fish Type (headloop), 50pcs
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Lifa Air FFP2 Respirator Fish Type (headloop), 50pcs

Lifa Air FFP2 Respirator Fish Type (headloop), 50pcs

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The Lifa Air FFP2 respirator is a face mask without valve that protects the user and the environment from harmful small particles, bacteria and viruses. The FFP2 respirator manufactured in Finland is certified and CE approved and is made of high-quality materials that do not irritate the skin.

The FFP2 respirator is well suited for example for work use and filters at least 94% of harmful fine particles and pathogens.

Valmistettu Suomessa Lifa air


The FFP3 works effectively against street dust and pollen that harass us in the spring. Street dust and aerosols from polluted cities sensitize allergens, even to people who don’t have actual allergies. In the spring, we also clean our cottages and are exposed to dust that carries mole fever. Here, too, FFP3 is a safeguard.

The package includes 50 idividually packed respirators.
Available sizes: S/M and L/XL

Note! The respirator should fit snugly on the face for it to work properly.

See instructions for use below.

1. Open the respirator with clean hands. Grasp the front of the respirator with one hand, Place the headband outside the mask and open the top and bottom flaps of the respirator. Bend the nose thread slightly from the center to form a cup-shaped protector.
2. Make sure the top and bottom flaps of the guard are fully open. Hold the front of the guard with one hand, with the open side facing the face.
3. Hold the front of the protector with one hand and place the protector on your face so that the foam pad is over your nose. With your other hand, gently pull the headband away from the shield, and lift both straps over your head behind your head.
4. Place the upper headband on the high head, and the lower headband under the ears.
5. With both hands, shape the nostril firmly according to your nose. The headbands must not be twisted.
6. Make sure the guard fits well and does not leak. Check for leaks by covering the shield with both hands and exhaling sharply. If air flows through the nose or sides, correct the position of the nostril and / or headband until the shield is tight.
7. Touch the mounting loops only to remove the guard. Dispose of the shield in mixed waste. Wash your hands.


  • Filtering ability ≥94%
  • Multi-layer structure
  • 50pcs individually packed respirators included
  • Flexible rear loops
  • Skin-friendly, allergy-tested material
  • Made of fiberglass, nickel and latex free materials
  • Shelf life 5 years, store in a dry place, protected from light
  • CE approved


  • EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009