Choose the right size - read the guide to choosing respirators

Mask, protector, respirator, half mask… A loved one has many names. In this article, we will briefly explain how to choose the right respirator from our range and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

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What is a Respirator (FFP)?

The respirator protects the wearer by filtering the breathing air without contaminants such as dust and microbes (viruses, bacteria). In Europe, respirators use the FFP rating, which indicates the level of protection of a respirator. The letter combination FFP comes from the English word “Filtering Face Piece” for a respirator. Used properly, the respirator significantly reduces aerosol concentrations in the air. Lifa Air sells both FFP2 and FFP3, which are in the highest protection class.


Who are respirators for?

Both shield types FFP2 and FFP3 were originally developed for professional use and have high filtration efficiency (FFP2> 94% and FFP3> 99%). Respiratory protection is also well suited for consumer use and also for protection against corona. Thanks to their tightness, they protect both the user and others from the user's breathing air and sputum. The guards should always fit snugly, only then will they work properly.

The difference with surgical mouth-nose protection is tightness. A respirator (without a valve) protects the user and others. Surgical mouth-nose protection protects others in particular, such as the patient in a treatment situation.

Are there different sizes of guards?

Yes. The fit of a respirator is affected not only by the size of the respirator but also by the way it is attached. For this reason, it is a good idea to try different models to ensure a fit.

Do children have their own models?

Standards and test facility practices are currently designed for adult faces and therefore the range does not include models exclusively for children. However, there are more models to suit slimmer / smaller faces.

How do I choose the right model?

Each of us has our own traits and you can only find the best model for you by experimenting. In the list below, we review Lifa Air's products. It is important to find a protector that is tight on the face.

How do I test for leaks?

Inhale quickly outwards if air is felt on the skin of the face, the shield is not tight enough on the face. Check the edges of the guard and adjust the position of the nose clip and straps if necessary.

And are there different sizes for surgical mouth-nose pads?

There is one standard size for surgical mouthpieces and therefore we will not discuss their selection in this article. If the surgical cap feels too large, you can try rotating the earloops around for slimmer faces, shortening them. The cover should cover the mouth and nose.


FFP2 earloop - with this model you should start

This model is suitable for most faces thanks to the convenient attachment behind the ears. You should start with this model if you have not used a protector before. Putting on and taking off is easy. The protector also works conveniently in winter with a beanie or other headgear. Also suitable for a user with thick hair, for example. It is important to remember to shape the nose clip. This can sometimes be forgotten by the wearer of the glasses, for example.



FFP2 headloop - for smaller face and travel

The attachment behind the head is tighter than behind the ears and is better suited for small faces. The body of the protector is the same size. On the other hand, the design offers comfort because in the attachment behind the head, the pressure is distributed over a larger area. The fit of the model can be adjusted by moving the headbands higher / lower. This model is a good option for longer trips, for example, and for the model that can be attached behind the ears as a variation.



FFP3 headloop “fish model”

The so-called fish model, which, thanks to its design, adapts tightly to the face, but leaves more breathing space. The protector is therefore also comfortable for longer use. In addition, thanks to the wide fastening loops, the fit behind the head is excellent. Due to the highest filtration efficiency, it provides effective protection  for demanding professional use and against dangerous particles. The product is suitable both as a first respirator and for experienced users.


LM991 FFP2 headloop - the smallest of the respirators offers adjustable straps

Sturdy design with a strong plastic body and adjustable straps behind the head. Keeps its shape thanks to its sturdy body. The protector is intended for slender / smaller faces. Suitable as an alternative to the FFP2 rear-mounted protector and for young people, for example. A really popular model among those who have found their own.

Note! Valve model LM99 is earloop model. The straps are adjustable and the frame is the same size as the LM991.



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